About Pixel Plan & Matthew potter

Hello! I am Matthew Potter.

A creative / marketing professional human ready to do big things.

From creating a small logo to setting up a website, from personal photography to business videos, Pixel Plan can help create and market the content for you.

I am the creator behind Pixel Plan, right now just a single person who has is enthusiastic about everything creative and marketing. From a young age, I have been playing with cameras, editing, designing and so on. I always made sure this was a big part of my life and followed it through education and into my current career. Working both full time and freelance I put many hours and all of my passion into creating content to bring smiles to people’s faces. I have had the opportunity to work with big names such as Morrisons, the NHS, Ministry of Justice, Stagecoach, Northampton Saints Rugby Team and more.

I am looking to spend more of my time with my camera, my editing equipment, connecting on social media, designing in different medium and want to use my skills and knowledge to help you achieve what you are set out to do, I can work on projects both big and small to reach the best possible outcome for the budget you have in mind.

So please check out my portfolio to see what I have been up to and if there is anything I can do for you personally or your business. You can also find me on a number of social media platforms, just search “Pixel Plan” or “Matthew Potter”.