Food Photography and Videography

Pixel Plan has had numerous experience with marketing, food photography and videography creative for food companies who produce, sell and create dishes for both commercial and personal use. With the ability to plan, create and market a wide variety of content to your target audience, we can deliver the full package to get your message across and attract customers who will be wanting more.

We have had a chance to work with some big names in England such as Morrisons, Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil, BBC GoodFood and Northampton Saints Rugby team. Teaming up with these big names for food photography and video has allowed me to expand my knowledge on the culinary‚Äč world while allowing my work to bring about a drooling sensation to the readers and viewers of what I have produced.

Allow us to bring your visions to life with mouth-watering content and marketing to so efficient you audience can almost smell it. Pixel Plan is the full package of success with your company, the plan, the content and the engagement all rolled into one.

If you have any interest in working with me for food photography, video, marketing or anything else, please get in touch.