Goyt Valley Walk

It was 2 pm Monday afternoon at work, my mobile buzzed on the desk and I received an email from Viewranger. An app where people share walking experiences, this was a joint effort with Berghaus, 3 walks on 26th August in different parts of the country to take part in for some free goodies and prizes. I was intrigued, I signed up but was still missing some information. When Thursday arrived, a second email came through and the route was revealed. I am not a mountain walker or climber really so I thought this would be a good challenge, living by the Peak District we obviously chose the Goyt Valley Trial Takeover walk.

When Saturday arrived, we packed a few little bits and head of to the starting point, both ready and willing to give this challenge a go. As we arrived in the carpark we saw a tent up with people gathered handing out some food and drink, with wristbands ready for the walk. They set us up and sent us on our merry way.

The beginning was on an easy roadside for the first five minutes, we were walking past the Errwood Reservoir, however, it was not long until we came off the flat solid ground and the climb began.

We were put straight onto a steep gradient through a lovely quiet forest with only the sound a small stream to help us through the steep climb. We honestly did go the wrong way here, not a good start but it was the only time we accidentally came off the track.

The climb took us between the reservoir and hill we would later come back on. There were a number of lavender and butterflies Past an open field a back into another forest. We did get a chance to meet others who were on the walk around this area as well. All looking a bit more determined than us though.

Once we came out of the second wooded area we reach a very interesting landmark indeed. A small old brick hut, sat by the path, we did try to enter and inspect what it was but it was too dark to too inside and the door was well and truly locked. It also hid the steep step climb to get back onto the path, it was here where we really started to climb to great heights with exceptional sights.

The scenery had changed from bright emerald greens to rich golds in the fields which shone while reflecting the sunlight. Here we were finally back on a firm road climbing up to the end of the first section of the walk.

We came back off the road for the last time and from here we could see for miles, the beautiful unmanned Peak District in all of its glory. We crossed through a sty and carried on up into a field.

We did not realise we had hit a checkpoint until it was right under our feet and here we met Lisa Cutcliffe, a freelance forager who had gathered up some of her findings and shared some of her tasty goodies. I had never thought of this as a career, more of a hobby, but Lisa had crafted her favourite past time into a career and taught us lots about what she finds and what she does with it to the point where I was jealous that I only had a taster of what she had and could not simply go out and buy it.

We carried on and followed this stone path for quite some time, we thought we saw the top many times but it just kept going. We did not mind though, the view to our left and right were perfect, shadows grew over sections of the Peaks, changing the landscapes every few minutes, which made every step something great to view.

We hit our next checkpoint pretty quickly and was asked to have our photos taken for the #TrailTakeover competition. At this point, we were getting peckish and feet were starting to get sore, but we were still having a great day and knew that the decline was just moments away.

Not surprisingly the decline was quick, the reservoir came back into view and so did the finish line, a pop up makeshift pub with a free beer and chocolate bar as a reward. Feet still ache writing this but that goes with a grin knowing how far we walked for a couple who for 25 years lived in flat Cambridgeshire and the time we did it in. Would love to go around the route again soon and I would recommend the Goyt Valley Walk to everyone else to give it a go!

For more information or any if you require any prints or photography please get in touch on the contacts page.