Mad Max – Review

Now such a cheap game all over the internet it would be mad not to spend a few pounds, Max! Not Grand Theft Auto and not Carmageddon, somewhere in between is a beautifully harrowing world to crash through with over the top explosions, tight combat and a lot of metallic clashes, Mad Max is a post-apocalyptic adventure which has taken many aspects from the movies.

It goes without saying, but you play as Max who has lost everything in a malicious attack while driving through the desert wastelands, befriending a mutated mechanic and an injured dog, he is out to take back the wastelands and build his Magnus Opum car. The game can be split into three main categories: adventure, action and car, which sounds weird, read further and all will be explained.

The adventure aspect of the games gets Max travelling the vast wastelands, exploring the ruins of the modern-day, finding enemy camps and collecting scraps and valuables to increase your character and vehicle. The lands you explore do not change too dramatically, some areas sandier than others, some rockier, the atmosphere feels right as there is still a lot to do and drives are always interesting while going between objectives. Balloon lookout points, enemy camps, convoys, desert storms and lurking bandits are just a few to mention in Mad max while you traverse the lands.

The action in Mad Max is very tight, you are creating combos blows to the enemy while dodging scrap weapons being swung at him and having to learn enemy types to know how to overcome each fighting situation. Max carries a shotgun which can be used on enemies and objects but with limited ammo the game forces you to go in fists blazing. If you have played any other Warner games such as Batman or the Shadows of Mordor games you will understand what the combat is like and how the control of combat can turn at the drop of a hat.

Lastly is the car, this plays a huge part in the game and not many other games can compare to Mad Max when it comes to travel and car combat. The idea throughout the game is to customise and upgrade your car for maximum efficiency. Sure this has been done in many racing games and other titles such as GTA, however, Mad Max comes with harpoons, grappling hooks, boosters, spikes and more. You have a selection of bodies to choose from as your base vehicle and as you do more you collect new ways to upgrade your car, making it a rusting vehicle of mass destruction which can take down enemies through the sands or canyons which adds a new level of fun to this already wonderful game.

As mentioned, this game is now relatively cheap online, I have sunk about 45 hours into it and had fun battling it out in cars, raiding bandit camps and finding upgrades and secrets across the Mad Max world.

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