Amina Technologies Print Design

Amina Technologies is​ a leading company is high tech audio which delivers perfect acoustics without decreasing the aesthetics​ of a room. While an employee​ I had the challenge of creating designs which were both pleasing to the eye and very educational, using easy step by step instructions on how to use and install the products. This includes instruction​ manuals​ in the style of Ikea guides which were translated into over 12 languages, vinyl designs to being produced and used on carrying​ showcases​ and short link designs to be printed on the final product.

Each product had its own manual I designed which would cover the audio details of each speaker, show the dimensions and go through step by step installations depending on the location where the product is to be installed​. The layout of the booklet​ and the illustrations I created to show off both 2d and 3d visuals which would make the process​ to install easier. The booklet was transcribed and redesigned for 12 other languages.

The design on the product itself evolved which led to a QR code on the product which would link to an installation guide on the website, again in multiple​ languages which allowed for everyone to understand the product and access product information wherever​ they are.

As the product is installed into a wall and plastered over it made sense to have a simple design which was more instructional to allow the audience to interact with the product instead of thinking about it visually. I designed, vinyl printed and applied the design tot he carry-case speaker which guided the audience to place their hands onto the speakers​ and feel how they work while listening.

These designs have been successful for Amina, allowing them to have a product which can easily be marketed to their target audience and is​ installed​d correctly with little to no faults.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the designs or websites from this page or if there are any print or other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.