Amina Technologies – Wall of Sound

When tasked with drawing attention to the Amina Invisible Loudspeakers we really had to think outside of the box to get people to understand what these products were and their potential in the simplest form. This is where the Wall of Sound was born. We decided that reaching a wide audience through video would be best, although the sound quality is that of the viewers audio set up, a single video easily got the message across.

A London artist had painted an amp onto a wall where the speakers were installed, a jack in port and an on and off switch to the speakers. With some help, we bought in a number of talented London and Cambridge artists to try out the Wall of Sound and let us know what they thought. Each artist who played through the Wall of Sound loved the natural clear audio which filled the room around them.

Each video was a success and let to the idea being taken on tour to different audio and interior design shows, the video styles were very similar, this showed off both the artists and the speakers talents which accompanied each other during the performances.

Hope you enjoy the Wall of Sound.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any videos from this page or if there are any video productions or editing for other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.