Amsterdam Lights

After my first vacation to Amsterdam, I wanted to go back and experience the Amsterdam lights with long exposure shots at night to bring in a multitude of different streams of colours. It was about 6 pm local time and the commute home had started. The sunset and I traveled out with my camera and tripod around the city to find some bright lights.

Within minutes I knew that the results would be great as the traffic was bust, trams were around every corner and the streets had lit up welcoming me and my gear. For while I stuck to the roads to capture cars on their commutes and trams passing a few feet from me. Once I was happy with some of my shots I decided to try and capture canals and reflections, which again included the daily commute and iconic bikes.

Any city is great if you have a tripod to capture images with a long exposure, but Amsterdam shines bright with its yellow welcoming glow creating streams throughout the landscape against historical buildings and landscapes.

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