Artis Zoo – Amsterdam

We all know the main reasons to travel to Amsterdam, it goes without mentioning what this wonderful city has which others around Europe doesn’t. My photography on this page does not cover them. Instead, it has one of my personal favorite places to go in Amsterdam, Artis Zoo.

We have plenty of them in the UK, however, it doesn’t take long before you realise that the British zoos seem a bit small, dull and as much as you try to believe it the conditions here are not the best for worldwide animals. Artis, on the other hand, has a zoo which takes the whole day to appreciate as it is so large, well constructed and well looked after. I have had 3 visits and I am still more excited than most children to go as it is an animal experience like no other.

My photography only really shows a fraction of the animals which are in this zoo, including an aquarium section with so many different varieties of fish just this part could take up a single day alone! I used my 50mm lens for most of the day to catch as much as I could with some areas having low lighting or the fact that some animals just move that quick, I did not want to miss a thing.

Amsterdam Artis Zoo is a must do if you are visiting and be sure to give a whole day to it as there is a lot to see and enjoy, the zoo can get busy so arrive early, plan which route you want to take, get prepaid queue jump tickets (no extra cost) and take part in the animal kingdom!

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