Black Forest Germany

It was May and we wanted to head out to a definite beautiful location in Europe, after a bit of research and the car packed, about 1,000 miles later we are in Todtmoos, in the Black Forest Germany.

It was about 30 degrees on arrival as we were unloading the car and booking into our hotel room, as I took my camera out of the bag I knew this was going to be a hot one and we were lucky to have a vast forest to shade us over the next week, we were, however, very wrong. About 9 pm the wind picked up and before we knew it a blizzard had swept over the Black Forest and we were knee-deep in snow, getting ready to venture out the following morning.

We packed for every occasion the next morning, drove up to and parked a few lay bys away to begin exploring what the Black Forest Germany landscape and nature have to offer. It was a strange sensation, the weather was warm like the day before but this time the ground was thick with snow. Take a browse over the images to see the beautiful woodlands having snow melted away by the golden sun. The ground glistened as the snow started to wash away, the streams sped up as they were gradually filled and the only sound was ice falling from the trees.

As the week went on the snow was still present in higher locations, we visited Felberg, one of the tallest points in the area to overlook the forest for hundreds of miles, definitely a sight to see if possible. When we headed back down we came across a disbanded train station which in such a location felt picturesque , there is a lot in this area which feels like it is still in the past, untouched and left for nature to take at its own pace which is just pure perfection.

Visit The Black Forest Germany at least once if the weather permits it, untouched forests, waterfalls and streams at every turn, little noise apart from local nature and sights you will only be able to get in this one location that is almost unmatchable in Europe.


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