Buckingham Gate – London

Buckingham Gate London is a grade 2 Listed building opposite Buckingham Palace had been upgraded with modern day technology which has been integrated into the home and I was tasked with showing off the home and how the technology didn’t ruin any of the aesthetics. The home had 5 stories and each one had a different character to it. The basement levels were built for the living quarters and the pool and gym, these rooms were long and narrow with small workout rooms at each end and a small massage/sauna area. The next few floors had a variety of kitchens, living rooms, studies, and bedrooms.

In Buckingham Gate no two rooms were the same, some were light, others were dark, plenty had a lot of space to walk around while others were filled with furniture, books, and knick-knacks. It was easy to get lost whichever room you entered, but at the sight of each, you didn’t want to leave. With the extravagant interior design, it was brilliant to place the camera down and shoot the rooms from each and every possible angle to show how beautiful this luxurious home is.

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