Devil’s Kitchen – Wales

On a short break to Snowdonia Wales and having climbed Snowden a number of times in the past, we were looking for something new to climb and shoot. After a few minutes of research Devil’s Kitchen was pointed out as a great spot for photography and a bit more of a challenging climb up Idwal slabs which uses both upper and lower body parts to reach the top. From getting out of the car you are welcomed to a number of rolling hills, rocky mountains, hard cliff face and numerous waterfalls. From there, a short climb leads to a stunning lake called llyn y cwn resting by the side of the mountain where a rocky path runs right around.

The climb starts in a clockwise direction and it is pretty easy to see that this is a popular root in Snowdonia with numerous people reaching this point and either climbing, walking, hiking, swimming etc. It doesn’t take long for the walk to become a hike to then become a climb, the rocky mountain face gradually become ledges where the path intertwines and gets you to pull yourself up as you reach the top.

The views, like all of Snowdonia, from the top of Idwal slabs, were breathtaking (from what I had left to be taken), camera out and shooting on the way up you never really get bored of the llyn y cwn lake view and gaining altitude the further you see the more impressed by the location I was. This is a harder climb but for those in the area not in the mood for Snowdon head to Devil’s Kitchen.

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