Dytham Jewellery Video

When a Dytham Jewellery Designers, British jewellery company specialising in engagement rings wanted to push out their marketing to reach a wider audience by pushing content online, I was tasked with making a simple yet effective jewellery video introduction which could be used for any film to promote the company and their portfolio.

For this we had a short turnaround time and being a jewellery video it has to be clean and effective to allow the audience to go straight into the video. It was agreed that it would be greyscaled to match the logo and to prevent clashes with the rest of the content which follows. At first, I tried to add a simple gleam effect, however, instead of adding value it seemed to pull away and almost make the video seem cheap. So after going back to the drawing board, I decided that the best option was to have a flat reveal animation which would only last a few seconds but seamlessly flow to attract the audience attention and to appreciate the value of the company.

Below is the final result for the Dytham jewellery video, which the company loved and have used multiple times since created. It does exactly what was asked of it y being quick simple, clean and smart adding value to the content.

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