Farrington Oils – Food Marketing

With food playing such a large part in people’s lives it takes a lot for companies who produce quality products to stand out in the food marketing world. Once I joined Farrington oils (producer of culinary rapeseed oil) it was our task to lead them in being recognised for their quality and flexibility when used in the kitchen. I took it upon myself to try and bring Farrington oils into the digital age, allowing it to compete with larger competitors and have a chance to work with some big names in the food industry.

Website Update

Working with an external company, updating the website became a priority, we didn’t just want to seel an item, we wanted the story and idea to reach kitchens around the country. To do this we made the website less about it being a product and created a lifestyle website that was similar to a cookbook with product details. The website was to become a hub of inspirations, details, product locations and more. Once this was achieved then we looked at how food marketing could bring people to this website and purchase the products.

Food Publications

With food being a staple of people’s lives at any age we chose to try food marketing both digitally and in print. For print, we published adverts in a wide range of magazines to try and understand our audience and what their key focuses were while reading. Magazines cush as BBC Good Food were great to use as we could see the demographic and learn by placement what we should focus on digitally. Through some great photography and key communications with publishers, we were able to score some great ad and article placements which drove to an increase in sales.

Food Online

With so many people online it would be a waste not to be part of the digital movement, especially how sites like Facebook and Instagram utilise image and storytelling to get inspiration food posts across we started to work on upgrading our content to gain more engagement and followers. We turned the farm kitchen into a studio on many occasions so we could create stunning content both as stills and video which would catch the eyes of the audience on social media platforms. We used Proper Tasty as inspiration when we were filming as quick and easy recipes were best to follow online once the video reached the Farrington website.

Culinary Bloggers

Food marketing isn’t just about showing off what has been created, it is about sharing skills and knowledge with others, no matter how good they are in the kitchen. To do this we got in touch with bloggers, chefs, restaurant owners and more to have a chat about why they loved the product. I would take a day to visit them in their establishment and ask them about their love for food, how they set themselves up and why Farrington Oils was their choice of cooking oils. This would follow by a recipe video using the oil to show off its’ versatility. In doing this we built many strong connections with well-known kitchens from Michelin Star chefs and even one of England’s largest rugby clubs.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any marketing or any other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.