Harlech Wales – Landscape Photograpy

For me it was always natural when going to Wales to just go straight to Snowdon, enjoy my time there and come home, but this time I wanted to just go a little bit further afield, not too much on a late planned holiday so I looked just beyond my usual destination and found Harlech Wales. This small area, surrounded by sea and mountains seemed like a great place to camp for the week and explore while still able to go to Snowdon if it wasn’t for me, but with the beautiful landscapes during sunsets,​ I was pleasantly​ surprised​. ​

​After setting up camp and ready to explore the local area we hit a problem, which we hit a lot during this vacation and is an issue which I find when I do go to Wales, the rain. It rained most of the time we were there, morning until night, whether​ we stayed in Harlech or went ore inland the wet weather followed us. This lead to us almost scrapping our photography​ walks and just sticking to indoor activities (zoos, castles, shops, etc). Harlech has a beautiful castle which overlooks the sea and mountain range which stands tall in the small village so being able to shelter in here for a day was an amazing experience in itself.

As the days went on, we were getting damper and Harlech Wales was getting wetter, all hope was lost for a good walk with the cameras, but a miracle happened on our penultimate day. As you walk down from Harlech towards the sea there are great golden dunes which lead onto a large quiet beach. As we approached these mounds, about tea time, the rain​ suddenly stopped and the thick clouds were parting. We stepped foot onto the beach and that is when it hit us. The sun was setting behind the mountain range and red burned across the sky, reflecting in the sea to show how beautiful Harlech Wales is, because of the rain the beach glistened​ red and yellow as rays of light protruded​ the breaking clouds. It was a sight which we felt the ​luck to have seen and was beautiful​ up until the sun disappeared. Harlech is a stunning part of Wales,​ with or without bad weather and if like us the timing is right it can show how magical it truly​ is.

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