Harrogate – Evening Stroll

A very popular attraction in Yorkshire, Harrogate is a small town which boasts its historic ambiance and is a perfect spot for a day out, loved by locals and tourists alike this spot is great for a stroll and to snap some pictures.

I haven’t been to Harrogate in a while and the last chance I had I was actually manning a stall for my company, I did have my camera on me but only had a small amount of time in-between show days to get out and snap some shots. The shows I was manning meant that the only times I could be out with my camera were during the evenings and into the nights, however, this did not stop me from grabbing my equipment and heading out into the night. Harrogate is a historic town where the buildings are original and there are many cobbled streets under well-crafted street lamps. Seen in my images below both The Majestic Hotel and the Cobbled streets have a brilliant yellow glow where the lights fall of the old architecture and takes you back the hundreds of years.

My other two photos in Harrogate have more of a modern feel to them where I watched cars at a four-way crossing and show the bright lights bouncing of the metallic cars as they stopped and pulled away with the change of the lights. This slow shutter speed creates a beautiful flow of lights across the roads which bounce back from the wet roads and let the streets shine.

I would recommend a day trip to Harrogate or a weekend visit to anyone who loves old historic towns and who knows, maybe I will be back soon to do some photography during daylight.


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