Hinchingbrooke Park – Cambridgeshire

Hinchingbrooke Park, a beautiful wooded area outside of Huntingdon, provides numerous activities for all throughout the year. From walks, short and long, to water sport, to photography, there is a little bit of everything for all. While it used to be a frequent visit my latest trip was in Autumn when the park is at its brightest.

There are multiple routes to take when walking around Hunchingbrooke park, my favorite was always past the rivers and lake which took you up to the old bridge out of Huntingdon. The walk goes from thick forest, down to a long red road beside the rivers and lakes where numerous animals have taken home here. Squirrels and birds in the trees to ducks and geese floating around the lakes and rivers.

Once the bridge has been reached there is the choice of walking with it into town or following the forest path looping back around to the entrance, this route goes into a thicker forest, more foliage, trees and nature than the first half with smaller paths on a quieter route. There are again many opportunities to see the amazing wildlife in Hinchingbrooke Park, small to medium-sized critters roam the grounds gathering the last of their supplies for winter.

The images below were taken on two sperate visits to Hinchingbrooke Park over two years, on both occasions the location was stunning, the reds, yellows, oranges, and golds of the forest shone with the sun to reflect a well managed, quiet forest area which is definitely a visit if in and around Huntingdon.


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