Interserve Learning & Employment – Educational Website

Interserve works with public and private sector clients over numerous countries. I was tasked with creating a website for their learning apprenticeship sector ( to improve the structure of the website and to use the branding to creative and attractive, appealing educational website design.

My main focus was to create a site where nearly every page can be reached within three clicks while separating the apprentices and the employers to easily find the information the user needs. I instantly broke the home page into a two, this would make it clear where the users needed to head and simple to track on analytics, a split for those wanting to learn and those who want to employ an apprentice. If scrolling through the home page it follows a similar modern day web page which includes news, about the company and other companies Interserve have worked with.

As users continue their journey through their side of the site, I have created a shopping layout for the users to browse the courses available to them from Interserve, this allows both users who do know and those who don’t know what they want to do to have a good look around at what they could be interested in for their future career. An education website needs to allow the users to browse, at a young age they could still be unsure about their future and splitting the courses into sectors is a quick way to see the options they can have. Once they have reached the course page they are given the full description of the course to fully get to grips of their future career. This page has everything the user needs to understand the course (or for employers what will be taught). I have also included similar courses, case studies and have created forms for each section so enquiries can be organised, replied to and filed away with ease. The structure of this educational website design has been improved and as of writing for this page there has been an increase in traffic and analytics have shown better traffic direction since the website update.

Given brand guidelines to work with I chose to use colours as another way to split the site up for users, Interserve blue and yellow, these colours are used throughout the site, aimed more at a younger audience while still appearing professional for those who are employers. The use of large images and parallax scrolling is to keep the audience engaged while still being relevant. These images all reflect a realistic workplace for the apprentice and can be followed up by the case studies on each page.

The client and company are very pleased with the result, I was given a month to get the website live and while I am still working on it it has already made users life easier while navigating through the site and have had numerous enquiries due to easier navigation.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the designs or websites from this page or if there are any print or other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.