Amina Technologies – Luxury Brand Marketing

Fresh out of University I was tasked with creating an educational video for the Invisible Speaker Company Amina Technologies in Cambridgeshire. A very unique product which many members of the public may never know existed . As my work continued with Amina, I was tasked with doing more than a single video, design was under my belt, along with photography, illustrations and finally luxury brand marketing.These products are invisible to the eye once installed and have a high price tag so we had to be clever when it came to marketing as sound plays a pivotal role when reaching the audience . We had three campaigns set into motion to allow us to successfully integrate luxury brand marketing into the company.

Website Update

We started by looking at the current website and seeing what common themes were used over other high priced sites which would attract a high-income user who enjoyed great audio while keeping the aesthetic of their home. The website was redesigned lighter using clean and simple images to educate the user how the product works while combining luxurious images of homes which have the speakers installed. This balance created a good understanding of the product with an end result while being presented on a clean website.

Installation Case Studies

With our audience also being installers to those who own these high-end homes we had to appeal to a larger audience, this is where we created case studies and Press releases to be shared by the audio market and made accessible to those who have begun to gain interest in what Amina has to offer. I had the opportunity to take numeroues photos for the case studies (See an example here) and to write a few as well. This luxury brand marketing idea allowed us to link with some big names in the construction world, audiophiles and lovers of new high end technology.

Wall of sound

The last campaign was to try and show off this product online, the issues were the invisible product and the audio quality would be that of the speakers the users have, so we decided to create The Wall of Sound. The collection of videos used up and coming musicians to show the unaffected interior design while allowing for high quality audio and creating fun and easy to watch content which eventually was used live at shows around the world.

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