Soma Services – Mechanics Advert

With the release of a new website, Soma Services also wanted an advert which could be played to both attract and educate a local audience for their business, something that puts themselves in good standing against competitors, a high class, cheap to make mechanics advert.

We chose to replicate the look and feel of a car advert, which makes the vehicles look good in these ads and to then take these aspects and apply them to a small mechanic firm. The contrast between the car/mechanic and the background was essential to making the video seem more professional as unless a workshop hasn’t been used it isn’t friendly to the eye. Once the fierce lighting of the mechanics advert has caught the audience attention, it was just creating smooth panning shots with well-lit subjects to educate them about what this company has to offer. A short header next to each individual shot reconfirms the services before a close with numerous call to actions.

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