Summer Walk in Monks Woods – Cambridgeshire

Monks Woods is a well-hidden gem in Cambridgeshire which stands just beside the B1090, this peaceful spot is very remote and rare to see many other individuals during a walk. There are numerous routes to talk from whichever starting point you choose, so it is always a nice little adventure when you head out. Walks can be as short as 30 minutes but when the weather and time is right it is easy to be walking through this green landscape for hours on end.

Monks Woods is home to a huge variety of fauna and flora with it changing with the seasons giving a new landscape every few months, the following images were all taken from the middle to the end of summer 2015 and I have selected my all-time personal favourite from the hundreds I took over the multiple trips back and fourth through Monks Woods.

The forest has a wide variety of forest density which has allowed me to capture really striking images of plants and flowers standing out against what appears to be a black background, this is from the sunlight hitting only a small section of the forest, darkening the spots around it. This has created some epic light leaks while taking pictures and gives the nature photography a whole new layer to work with. There are also wide walking paths to capture brighter images and even a few hidden meadows inside the forest itself. There are also many small animals to greet you with your walks and below you can see the Peacock Butterfly, grasshoppers and spiders which are usually out with us enjoying the sun and seem more than happy to sit still for a few photos.

Since moving north, I have missed my regular walks through this spot and totally recommend it for anyone living in Cambridgeshire or any neighbouring counties as it can easily be a day trip for families, walker or photography enthusiasts like myself.

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