Muiderslot – Amsterdam

Probably the wettest holiday I can remember, tent underwater, the streets of Amsterdam are flooding and we are cold. Looking a bit further afield from the city we came across Muiderslot which was located just on the outskirts by the river, a castle which contained a great number of photography opportunities.

Muiderslot contained a wonderful history tour which revealed a great deal about the local history, and I, from the United Kingdom, never knew about. The lighting from the grey skies and dim lit rooms were perfect to get some shots of the medieval equipment on display. Equipment such as broadswords, shields, helmets, and armor.

I shot the below images with my 50mm lens to allow enough light into the camera while getting a very focused shot on specific parts of the equipment. Using this lens also allowed me to shoot without gaining too much attention on the glass cabinet the items were all displayed in. In a busy attraction with small rooms using the 50mm lens allowed me to take the images quickly while being part of the tourist hustle and bustle.

If you want to spend some time out of the city, but not have to go out too far, follow the river to Muiderslot and take in some of the local histories while experiencing rooms of medieval culture.

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