Parc Sama – Cambrils

A mile inland from Cambrils, Tarragona, Spain is a medium-sized quaint park which is home to some amazing architecture, numerous different animals, old towers and a maize maze, this was Parc Sama a beautiful outdoors attraction to enjoy if you are in the local area.

Parc Sama is called a romantic garden and is home to numerous different trees, plants, and animals located in a quiet spot to help you relax and take everything in through your senses. In the below images there is a mixture of images taken with my Canon 70D and M50 from two separate trips over two years. As you enter the park you are greeted with roaming peacocks of multiple varieties who are just as intrigued of you as you are of them, they make multiple appearances throughout the day but do keep their distance.

It is not long before the main feature of Parc Sama is reached and this is the lake and island which overlooks a large portion of the parc, man-made it feels very Dali and Gaudi in design, the tower in the middle of the island stands tall in the clearing and you can allow yourself to relax only hearing the trees and waterfalls surrounding you. This lake is inhabited by small turtles and ducks which float peacefully bathing in the midday sun.

New to 2019 and a newfound obsession of mine is a small botanical garden with a number of exotic plants in a small building with classical music playing while you browse the plants. With my M50 I spent a large amount of time capturing the light passing through the leaves of the plants which were glowing from the sun and presenting stunning patterns that I needed to capture.

Further round Parc Sama there are deer pens and a forest lunch area in which we met a very confident squirrel who would eat out of our hands and allow us to get some close-up shots of it while it munched on our lunch. After lunch, we followed the path round to the last section of Parc Sama which was the maize maze and the watchtower.

The maize maze was just a bit of fun, you can see the maize growing and during our visited the yellows and browns glowed as you push the plants away trying to find your way through the attraction. In the most eastern corner of the park is a large tower which you can climb, almost to the top, looking out there is Cambrils, Salou and the sea over a vast amount of land.

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