Peterborough Wedding Photography – Corney

In 2019 I was invited to do wedding photography in Peterborough in February 2020 at Holmewood Hall, knowing the couple well I was honoured to be asked and was definitely up for the opportunity as it is something I have not done in about 10 years. We agreed for a full day photoshoot (Bride getting ready to near the end of the reception) with a collection of photos edited for the couple, their friends and family to have printed.

As it was a February wedding, in Peterborough, in the UK, I thought it would be best to check the location a lot closer to the time so I got an understanding of the layout, scenery and weather I will be up against. Doing this allowed me to work out two after ceremony shoots we could work with, one indoors the other out, depending on the weather.

On the day I bought not only my camera equipment but also a selection of studio lights which were for the post-ceremony shoot inside the library area of the hall, two lights and the bright grey from the large open windows created beautiful light for a collection of family and friends photos in the afternoon.

Throughout the day I stuck to a list which allowed me to tail the right individuals or groups during the day to make sure I had taken all of the most important images for the bride and groom while snapping away at anything extra they might ant to keep to remind them of their special day. The process of the day started with the bride getting ready followed by the groom and guests arriving. The ceremony followed in a well lit, long room, allowing me to take a variety of shots up and down the hall before and after the ceremony while also capturing the most important moments from the day. As the ceremony finished, it started to heavily rain so we moved into the library for the friends and family pictures, where I had my studio lights set up. Lastly, the reception was held in a bar and a small white mirrored room with a disco where I took plenty more pictures of newly arrived friends and family members as the night came to a close.


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