Farrington Oils – Recipe Videos

While working with Farrington Oils on their design, web, and marketing we decided to step up the companies content working on recipe videos which would show how versatile the companies product is in the kitchen. We used a kitchen space with multiple lighting options to allow the final products to look as natural as possible which gives a very mouth-watering impression.

We decided to film the recipe videos in a similar style to Tasty, a very popular food website that has dominated social networking sites and has become one of the main sources of recipes for all audiences. So for this, we chose to shoot top down onto the process, filming each stage as a complete video, almost in a single take. This allowed the audience to get all of the details and see how easy the recipes were no matter what was being made during that shoot. In post-production, we added titles to the video which gave more information on quantity and allowed users to follow the recipe video step by step. The video was cut and sped up at points as we wanted it to be quick and attractive wherever the audience was viewing the video.

We made many numerous recipe videos, a variety of savory and sweets which would show how useful and flexible the products are in the kitchen. The videos were posted in numerous locations online, always pinting back tot he Farrington website as a call to action to show where these products were available to buy. Each video was successful in their own way with many commenting, “I didn’t know you can do that with oil”, “That’s a brilliant kitchen tip” and “What a lovely recipe, will be trying that!”

Please get in touch if you are interested in any videos from this page or if there are any video productions or editing for other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.