Retail design – Huddersfield “Skills Hub”

We were tasked with creating a retail design package for the new store in the Packhorse centre, Huddersfield to support careers and education through apprenticeships as Realise. We would be using the brand guidelines to design multiple elements for a successful store opening and for the store to remain attractive to those in the local area.

Retail design – store windows

The first task was to design the store front so those passing by would be able to understand what is being offered and attract them through the front door. The retail design was inspired by the surrounding stores and other cheaper stores found in England. This design, using the brand guidelines allowed for the use of the speech bubbles and colours to horizontally list what the store has to offer while also standing out with bright orange banners. The layout of the speech bubbles pointed towards the main logo in the middle, highlighting the store name. The final part of the design was to add a faint background pattern to really make the main elements of the design stand out. We worked with VGL to print and install our designs into the store.

Store banners

The second largest part of the retail design package was the wooden horizontal banners around the inside of the store. The banners were above head height and went all the way around the wooden walls of the store so the walls were not left blank. Following the front window design we included illustrative characters and further quotes using the brand speech bubbles to repeat what the store has to offer to those wishing to step up in their career. The boards were made seamless using a faint background pattern and the illustration to quote repeated as it flowed around the room.

The open day was a large priority for the store and we worked with multiple companies to create balloon arches, sweets, pens, cupcakes and more merchandise to hand out during the opening and attract more into the store.

Digital display

The final section to complete the retail design package was creating artwork for two digital displays which sit inside the front windows, these are designed and updated remotely by myself on a cloud system. We decided to have these digital screen installed to allow for latest news to be shown about careers straight into the store. The designs vary and are on a loop where each piece is shown for 10 seconds, this is important to the retail design as it extends the information and stands out compared to using posters.

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the designs and work from this page or if there are any print / digital designs or other projects you have in mind, see contact page for more details.