River Great Ouse from a boat – Cambridgeshire

From Wappenham to The Wash, the great River Ouse is one of the longest Ouse rivers in England and in Cambridgeshire, where i shot these photos it is definitely one of the most stunning. We arrived at the boatyard in Hartford early afternoon, the idea was to go down the vier, have a BBQ and then head back. It was about a 2 hour drive to a suitable spot in which we moored up, cooked and ate while relaxing by the calm riverside. Once we had finished eating, we packed away and I moved myself to the front of the boat with my camera. That is when it hit us, golden hour on the great River Ouse.

There are numerous bends on the Great River Ouse so with every turn revealed a stunning new sunset glowing over the beautiful landscape. The silhouettes and shadows casted by the sun which reflected over the millpond like river was a calm, serene experience. I shot these images with my 70d and kit lens to take a shot as wide as I possibly could to capture as much as I could see. With the river boat only able to go about 2mph it was easy enough to get every picture with not having to worry about movement. Also being shot in May, golden hour took place when everyone was having their dinner, this meant there was not another single boat moving on the river, only allowing me to use them to frame my shots.

If you are ever in Cambridgeshire during the summer and have a chance to get on the Great River Ouse, please try, or any river in the UK for that matter, it is a relaxing experience which helps you to see the countryside from a new view while looking after your mental health.

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