Snake Pass – Peak District Winter

It was pure luck that we had a chance to witness such a beautiful Peak District winter and after the worry of driving a small car out into the mountains during thick snow, we quickly realised how worth it the drive was.

We stopped as we were coming up to the climb toward Glossop where Snake Pass Forest lies and decided to go no further as the car most likely couldn’t withstand the ascend. To enter the forest you cross the road and make your way down a steep hill until you reach the river. We venture here multiple times in a year but this is the first time we got to experience it as a winter wonderland.

It was about 15:00 when we arrived and without any thought, the golden hour hit the forest and lit up the trees and snow around us allowing for me to shoot so much in such a small amount of space, whether it was at ground level, shooting through the trees or lucking straight up, the stunning light and surroundings were perfect.

We started by walking up the river, usually with many small ponds and trip hazards we were very careful to watch our step and as the river was flowing at such a high speed, it wasn’t at all frozen, it seemed warm infact compared to the rest of the forest. We continued to follow this path, shooting every opportunity when the light perfectly hit the trees in the forest until we reached a fallen tree which (in our footwear) had blocked our way and decided to do a u-turn.

After reaching the point we started at we continued to go ahead, instead of back to the car. This part of Snake Pass Forest has more open space where the path crosses the river and sits nicely under the cliff. As the sun began to set on the day shadows were cast from the cliff and trees long across the valley and up the mountains. We walked through areas still untouched by others and took in the silence of the snow around us before deciding it was time to call it a day.

If you are in a sensible vehicle and know it is safe, a Peak District Winter visit is a must, whether you live nearby or not experiencing it in the snow is something new, excited and peaceful as a day out to really take in what the Peak District has to offer all over again.

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