Strand Nursing – Healthcare Website Design

When someone is looking for healthcare, either for themself or a loved one they have to be instantly transported into a high class, trustworthy environment where the healthcare website makes them already feel at home, originally the older Strand Website did not do this and I was tasked to modernise it to bring more leads.

Strand Nursing is UK based healthcare team which looks after a variety of different people at different stages in life who need more medical attention, they take pride in those who they help and the work in which they carry out, the workers roles are taken seriously and they give the right attention to those who need it most. When I first sat down and reviewed their current site it didn’t feel as if they cared, the site was outdated, confusing to navigate and hard on the eyes, this can say a lot aboutt he company itself, if the website is lacking the staff could be too. I wanted to build something which would make the suers feel they can call the workers family, who they trust.

I first spent some time collecting images for the website where both the worker and those being cared for look comfortable and well adjusted to their lifestyle, it is understandable that this may not always be the case but using these images are attractive for all users to see that these workers can almost be called family by the users once they get help from Strand. The images are all in comforting, bright environments which shows a clean and healthy lifestyle for the cared for can live in.

I was provided with the web copy for the site from the teams professionals which allowed me to design around what each page was about. Gatheringthe right images and layout to fit the purpose of the page. I followed a pattern which would have block colours and overlays repeating throughout the page, this allowed for a good mixture of images and brand colours to reinforce Strands ideology.

The colours chosen where bright yellow and a royal blue, these help to bring our the brand values of Strand and takes away the medical feeling which may come across unnerving for some. I wanted to have the site make the users feel at ease, that their loved ones will be cared for and those involved will be like family, the chosen coours, together, represnt this as trust worthy colours which only have a hint of medical care and reflects health workers robes in some cases.

Finally, I worked on the SEO for each page and cleaned up the copy to allow for better results where a user could search specific terms which relate to them and they would reach the correct page quicker than going through the entire site, I cleaned up the images for this as well to suit SEO needs and the team were extreamly impressed with the updated version of the site which ran quicker and looked up to date.

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