The Wildflowers – WSL – Jan 2019

Hailing from Lincoln this 4 man band have been rising through popularity at a great rate and rightly so, their music hits everything great in today’s day and age while being fun and very cool. The Wildflowers played their first gig this week in Sheffield at West Steet Live, a popular venue which has seen the beginning of many great artists such as Oasis, this was a perfect place for them to start in a very up and coming music city.

The gig lasted about 50 minutes and the set up is great, hard-hitting lights giving of an 80s vibe against The Wildflowers allowed me to shoot some very fun, vibrant coloured shots, and as a bonus, with a small venue, it was easy to be at the front, maneuver about and have no obstructions.

Please check out The Wildflowers as they are a great up and coming band who deserve a lot of attention:

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